Anonymous Billing Solution

Anonymous billing solution is a great addition to your business. This is how the billing solution works:

When customers come to your site and they take the tour and get ready to make a purchase they have a decision to make, do I want to share my information with the site or not.

Most customers have no problem submitting their information but there are some that are just still not comfortable doing so. When given the option to join anonymously they feel a little more secure in signing up for the site knowing that their information is not shared with the site.

With this new solution you not only get basic credit card processing but you also get Click&Buy (with over 12million registered users) US ACH, EU debit. UKASH ( with 300,00 points of distribution), and Latin Pay.

You get all this with one integration and one agreement and if you like the way one of these works for you we can create a standalone button for you to you add right to your join page.

Adding anonymous solution to your site will have a meaningful impact on your business.

Contact Merchant Services and Consulting for more detail on how to get the anonymous billing solution added to your join page today. It’s quick easy and free!!!!

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