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What do I do with my existing equipment if I am renting it?

If you are renting, all equipment needs to be returned to the outgoing processor after you terminate your outgoing merchant account. The processor is usually able to send you a box to place the terminal along with a prepaid shipping … Continue reading

How many years do I have to be with the new processor if I decide to make the switch?

It ranges but most processors have a standard contract term of 3 or 4 years from signing date. Once signed the standard contract can be cancelled for a nominal fee so you’re not trapped if you’re unhappy with the processor.

Why do you need a void cheque?

It’s a secure way to ensure that processing funds and fees are deposited and drawn on the right account.

Is there an agent who I can contact directly in case of any problems?

Absolutely. Merchant Services & Consulting prides itself on first class customer service, striving to treat every merchant’s unique needs. You will be assigned to a customer service agent who will provide you with a direct contact number and email address … Continue reading

I am having a hard time getting approved with processors. Can you help?

Yes. With our deep knowledge of the industry and many years of working directly with banks and processors, Merchant Services & Consulting has the ability to get you approved even if your credit history is less than ideal.

If I am not happy with the service of the new processor, is there a cancellation fee?

Nearly every processor applies a nominal cancellation fee when the mutually agreed upon contract is terminated early and/or breached. In some cases Merchant Services & Consulting can have it waived.

Do you run a check on my personal credit?

Before you get approved, the processor runs a soft credit check on your personal credit.

How do you guarantee I get the exact rates offered by the processor?

We do this with contracts between the processor and Merchant Services & Consulting. We are authorized to offer you the exact rates that the processor will charge.